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When you open a business you do not always think about the mundane chores like the office cleaning that is going to need to be done. While the business is small you will likely do your own cleaning chores to save money, so there are a list of chores you must make sure are done.

office Cleaning services

Office Cleaning Services offers on a daily basis includes the following:

• Emptying all waste baskets, in every room

• Sweeping the floors in all areas

• Vacuuming in areas that are carpeted

• Shaking the throw rugs that are placed in front of entrance doors

• Cleaning the glass on mirrors, and on reception areas desks

• Dusting the furniture

• Discarding any cut flowers that are starting to die

• Straightening pictures on the walls

• Watering and caring for the office plants

• Wiping down all surface areas in the break room

• Empty the coffee pot and rinse out the carafe

• Restock coffee making supplies such as paper goods, coffee, creamer, sugar, and stir sticks.

• Picking up any trash left in the break room

• Wiping out the microwave in the break room

• Mopping the break room and other areas with floors that can be cleaned in this manner

• Cleaning the lavatories in the bathroom

• Cleaning the toilets in the bathroom

• Cleaning the mirrored surfaces in the bathroom

• Refilling the paper towels in the bathroom

• Refilling the toilet tissue dispensers in the bathroom

• Wiping down waiting room seating with a disinfectant cleanser

• Straightening all magazines in the waiting room

• Wiping down telephones with a disinfectant cleaner

Office cleaning that can be done on a monthly basis:

• The cleaning of the aquarium

• Dusting all pictures, artificial plants, and decorations

• Removing gum from the underside of tables and chairs

• Cleaning computer screens

• Emptying the paper shredder

• Clean the coffee pot in the break room

• Wiping down desk surfaces

• Clean out the refrigerator in the break room

Office cleaning that can be done just as needed:

• Shampooing the carpet

• Upholstery cleaning

• Changing the light bulbs

• Clean out the cabinets in the break room and wipe down the shelves and doors

• Changing the air fresheners

• Changing the filters, or cleaning the filters in the air purifiers, and in the air conditioner system

• Waxing the flooring

• Pest control applications

• Waxing wooden furnishings

As your business grows you will possibly need to look into companies that perform office cleaning services because the cleaning chores will start to take up a significant amount of time each day.

Office cleaning for small companies can be taken care of by one of the regular employees. Many companies divide the office cleaning chores among several employees so that no one person is stuck doing it all. You can get more information from Commercial Cleaning Services Atlanta.



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